Stephen A. Smith Needs To Shut Up When It Comes To Fighting

Fighting is like sex. Everyone thinks they’re experts when 99% don’t have a clue.


No Bad-Blood Spilled

Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone (UFC 246) went down last week.

Smith, Please Shut Up

Smith painted Cowboy as a quitter during the post-fight analysis.

Fighting Is Not A Game

“You’re a reporter of boxing who never fought! You’ve never been a champion, you don’t know our pain, our sweat. You don’t know it’s so fucking lonely…this is the loneliest sport in the world!”

— excerpt from Mike Tyson’s rant at a reporter.

The great boxer Floyd Mayweather once said that he should be considered the greatest athlete in all sports because “if Lebron James has a bad night, he can come back next week and still be Lebron James. If I have a bad night I get knocked out.”

“Losing a fight is so much different than losing a game [in another sport],” Rogan said. “It’s not the same…you’re talking about unbelievable physical consequences.”

— Joe Rogan criticizing Smith

Stephen A. Smith says Cowboy gave up, but the X-rays tell a different story.

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