Why Conor Vs Cowboy May Be More Competitive Than You Think

The Notorious One returns from a 9-figure boxing payday to take on Cowboy.

Credit: UFC Instagram

It’s Contested At Welterweight

There’s a good reason why this bout is being held at 170 pounds, and the biggest one is because the UFC wants to hedge their bets.

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world

The UFC are masters at marketing and fight promotion, and they know this better than anybody.

Conor’s Style Runs Into Problems Against Taller & Bigger Opponents

I don’t mean this as a knock against Mystic Mac at all.

Cowboy Has Unique Attributes That May Foil Conor’s Game

Outside of being taller and bigger, Cowboy has several traits that has the potential to make this a long night for The Notorious One.

Cowboy Has More Weapons

This is something that not many people are talking about, and it perplexes me.

My Prediction

This fight could go one of three ways.

  1. Conor doesn’t finish the fight by the 2nd, and the tide turns to Cowboys favour. The fight goes back and forth, reminiscent of Conor Diaz II, and both men earn Fight of the Night honours.
  2. Conor gets winded by Cowboy’s knees coming in. He gasses out and stays on the outside to compose himself, only to eat a headkick, ala Rousey vs Holm. Cowboy finishes him on the ground via strikes or a submission, and we have our first upset of the decade! Dana White cries.

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